About love. [Me or him.]

I had a vision today.

About love.

About the complicated nature of it.

And about me

– being even more complicated.

I’ve got a feeling that,

one day,

when we meet


it’s either gonna be him

– or me.


finally admitting to him

– and to myself

how much love I feel for him

– and for me, too,

whenever I’m with him.


who shows him,

that he,

deep down,

feels the same way as I do.

Or it’s gonna be him.

Doing all that.

For me.

Almost convincing me to love him.

And I would.

But that won’t happen too soon.

I can’t picture it.

Not yet.

There’ll be other people,

other lovers,

other versions of us,

we still need to become.

It’ll cost endless energy

and nerves

and fearless bravery

– and patience, which I do not have

but in the end,

it will be worth it.

‚Cause when the right time’s finally come,

I know,

there’ll be no other one.

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